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Since 1969, Tecnomill of the Petrangeli family has proudly borne the quality emblem in the precision mechanical industry.

The Tecnomill plant extends on more than 5000 square meters, offering high performance thanks to the latest generation of automated machinery in full harmony with the 4.0 industry.

Tecnomill famiglia Petrangeli Roma

The company mainly deals with the production of precision mechanical components, working mainly in the military (aerospace, aeronautics and land), civil (shipping and air) and computer sectors.

But Tecnomill also deals with industrial prototyping, thus covering a good part of both Italian and foreign market requests.

Know How

The fulcrum of the company structure is the engine room, where the main production activity takes place, consisting of the latest generation equipment.

The various rooms for assembly, adjustment and testing are connected to it, up to the CEO, the organizational brain of the company.

parco macchine Tecnomill Petrangeli Roma
Tecnomill famiglia Petrangeli Roma

The connection network of the whole company structure is managed by integrated information systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which maximize production by optimizing management times.

The contribution of avant-garde machines and a highly professionalized staff, lead Tecnomill to a high level of competitiveness on the market, distinguishing itself from its competitors for innovation and reliability.

lavorazioni industriali tecnomill


Tecnomill has already planned the expansion into the foreign market and the beginning of highly specialized training courses where the student will be able to study but above to learn the daily reality of companies in the field. An innovative and stimulating initiative not only for the future of the company but above all for the new generations.

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Strada Galli, 56, 00010 Villa Adriana, Tivoli

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